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Kitting and Fulfillment Services - from concept to complete candy filled custom can all under one Roof

  •  Fulfillment

We have the lowest handling fees per piece, which means great savings to you if you are looking for a real deal on fulfillment services. We specialize in customer satisfaction because we cut out the middleman by being able to take your idea from concept to completion - all the way to your customer.

Check out how our art department designed and engineered a 3-D tin can - and how our fulfillment team turned it into a real sweet treat.

Let us be your one-stop Fulfillment House.



  •  Kittingall customized variety corporate gift pack

Compose your own unique custom kit or gift pack!

Promote your business with not just one but multiple products, all tailored to fit your needs and budget. Diversity provides maximum brand exposure - while pleasing your client's palate.

Design your own matching sets, or have us put together a gift pack - customized just for your client.

a sample kit set of Hershey Minis and Breathsavers


We can adapt your artwork to any product's size and shape while staying with your theme, no matter if it's wrapped candy, dressed up health food bars, liquids in bottles or an entire product package.