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Some of the major brandname bars we carry

Welcome to Custom Candy Express -

- Home of the Finest in Candy & Food Products for Promotional Use.

We carry a broad selection of All-American, as well as world-famous brands of premium chocolates, hard candy, gum, health food products and gourmet confections -
Hershey Bars and turn it into your private label edible promotion.

We can customize just about anything by over-wrapping favorite products with your logo and colors, enabling you to leave a sweet impression with custom-wrapped Hershey Bars, Granola Bars, gift boxes and more.



Pure Deliciousness ...

... Mars Ethel M Chocolates

Locally sourced, so it's guaranteed to be fresh and irresistible. Give the gift of the finest pralines, or enjoy extraordinairily smooth filled chocolate bars. Ehtel M sets the bar for the art of hand crafted chocolate making.

Ask us for a sample.


Summer Specials:

Tasty treats for Summer and Patriotic Themed Events:

Everyone's favorite candies in red, white and blue, classic flavors with traditional colors...

We have lots of patriotic gifts in US flag colors. Build your own giftbox, spread some appreciation - call us, we can make it happen for you.


We have the treats and we can package it your way.


foil covering candy bars, giving it style

Candy Bars used to be foil covered...

... and they still are here at Custom Candy Express. To give your bars that classic look we over-wrap the sealed retail package with a shiny foil, over which we then apply your customized wrapper. Choose from traditional silver colored foil, or from a dozen other colors. Extra charges may apply to some products, please inquire. Find out more about foil right here.

Our Wrappers...

... are printed on magazine-quality glossy paper, using four-color processing. Before printing each order we will e-mail you a proof for your approval.