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Trident gum flavors

TCG - Trident Gum

Trident is the world's biggest chewing gum brand. We carry Trident in 1.3-ounce packs, each pack containing 18 sticks of gum. Trident gum is naturally sweetened with Xylitol.

We offer the popular gum in the sugar-free flavors of:

mint leaf•  Original Mint,
•  Spearmint,
•  Tropical Twist,
•  Cinnamon,
•  Watermelon,
•  Bubblegum and
•  Minty Sweet Twist.

custom wrapped Trident packs

Pick one flavor or mix and match.

To customize any of these gum packs with your own logo, we over-wrap the original pack with a foil (in the color of your choice), and then apply your custom wrapper over it. We always keep the factory seal intact.

For more information about Wrappers and Foils click here


WCG - Wrigley's Chewing Gum

Since 1892 the William Wrigley Junior Company has been making chewing gum;
its first three flavors to roll out were Juicy Fruit, Double Mint and Spearmint.
Wrigley's chewing gum offered in all the classic flavorsWrigley's gum has become iconic for America, and althoThe Wrigley's product line grew throughout the centuries, it's nice to know the same three flavors are still available today.

In addition to the classic three flavors of Juicy Fruit, Double Mint and Spearmint we also offer Big Red, Extra, Freedent and Orbit gum. (Different pricing may apply.) Each half-ounce package contains 5 sticks of gum.



Choose the gum in the flavor of your choice. We cover it with a foil (optional) and then over-wrap the small package with your custom wrapper. This process makes your personalized product look clean and professional.

For more info about foil click here.

Download our Wrigley gum wrapper design template.



Bazooka Bubble GumCustom wrapped Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum

Original Bazooka Joe Gum, available by the pack or in bulk, as individually wrapped pieces.

Bazooka set the bar for bubble gum in 1947 - and is still continuing to delight the generations.

Individually wrapped Bazooka Gum