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a pile of chewy fruit Starburst candies

- Starburst
Fruit Chews's a "Juicy Contradiction"...because a virtual galaxy full of fruity flavor is packed into each tangy yet sweet little square.

Manufactured by The Wrigley Company, a 2.2 ounce package of Original fruit-flavoured soft chewy candy contains a flavor palette of cherry, lemon, strawberry and orange squares. Each pack contains 12 squares.










custom wrapped Starburst candies



We over-wrap the original Starburst pack with your customwrapper right over it, leaving the candy factory-sealed and fresh.

(We can also apply a foil for that "classic candy bar" look.)

To learn more about Wrappers and Foils click here



For a tasty low-cost give-away, consider:

custom wrapped Starburst candies

Starburst Singles


Individually wrapped single squares are customizable with a colorful decal.

Four assorted fruit flavors.

We have low minimums!