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Lots of colorful and tasty Powerbars Lots of colorful and tasty Powerbars

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PBEB - Powerbars

 provide nutrition and energy. We can custom-wrap most types and flavors of Powerbar from Performance Energy Bars (Step I), Harvest Energy and Nutrition Bars (Step II) to Protein Plus and Recovery Bars (Step III).

fresh PowerbarsOur best selling Powerbars are from the Performance Energy group in the flavors of:


Please check for availability of flavors.



We offer the full line of Powerbar products, including Protein Plus bars, rich Triple Threat treats and the popular whole grain Harvest bars. We carry most of Powerbar's delicious flavors.
[Extra lead time may be required for special orders or seasonal flavors.]

Performance Energy Powerbars weigh 2.3 ounces, other types range from 2 to 3 ounces, depending on the size of bar.


custom wrapped Powerbars

Make a statement with your brand on this premium sports nutrition bar. Let us customize your product with your specially designed wrapper.

Fuel your Performance!


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