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hot cinnamon is like sweets on fire...

These Cinnamon Treats are the perfect pocket size:

pocket size boxes of Hot Tamales candies

- Hot Tamales

Intensely cinnamon....

weighing in at just under one ounce this Hot Tamales pocket pack is a sweet hot treat.


- Red Hots

They're small and they're hot! These cinnamon flavored candies have been around since the 1930's. Made by Ferrara Pan they are also known as "Cinnamon Imperials".

Net weight: one ounce




colorful foil choices


We customize these cinnamon treats by over-wrapping the factory sealed box with your design. We can also cover it with a colorful foil first - and then finish it off with your custom wrapper.

To learn more about Wrappers and Foils
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Cinnamon in BulkCustom Cinnamon solutions: in jars, bags, packs, etc

All of these cinnamon candies are also available in bulk, and in the packaging of your choice.

We can provide you with your own private label clear poly bag, full-color header bag, unique acrylic or glass container, tin can, treasure chest ... and more.


For more container indeas, please check our acrylics page; for other bulk fill ideas, or to view more of our bulk candies, click here.