HVAC – Why Are We Going Green?

For some time now, I have been a member of an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technical group that meets monthly. As we get older, the responsibilities for our HVAC needs increase.

As our homes get bigger, we need larger rooms. The heating, cooling and air conditioning units have to be more powerful, and higher-end equipment is necessary for greater energy efficiency. So for example, a room that was never used may not require the same level of cooling or heating.

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In addition, we also must regularly keep our rooms “clean.” This means everything from vacuuming to washing with a dry-cleaning product.

In other words, “clean” is becoming a more important aspect of our lives, especially for our small businesses and individual homes. And the more we add to our list of responsibilities, the more we add to our HVAC and power bill bills.

In a scientific view of the heating and cooling of our homes, it has been shown that those who live in areas where the temperature tends to drop below freezing, especially for long periods of time, are at a much greater risk of becoming ill. In general, living in cold places puts a strain on the immune system.

It has been determined that it takes less energy to heat a room that is colder than the room that is warm. Conversely, it takes more energy to cool a room that is warmer than the room that is cool. Knowing this, more energy is used to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Those who live in areas where the temperature becomes very cold during the winter months are sometimes forced to find alternative ways to avoid the harsh winter months. This includes switching to an energy efficient home, living in areas that are cold, and even obtaining energy-efficient appliances.

Depending on the type of heating and cooling technology employed in a room, there are three different technologies that are most effective for these rooms. These include economizers, compression and ultrasonic. While each technology is effective in a specific room, they can be combined to make greater savings.

Economizers heat the air entering a room, while compressors transfer the heated air from one room to another. Compression systems reduce the need for air conditioning systems, and ultrasonic systems help save on electric bills.

Compressed air is a great heating and cooling technology. With less air circulation, it allows the room to be more comfortable, without needing air conditioning.

Air conditioned rooms are not without their disadvantages. Temperature fluctuations can be a problem in warmer or cooler areas. As the temperature inside the room fluctuates, the changes in the temperature can cause moisture and mold to flourish.

For those who live in large homes, the quality of air in each room may be a concern. For the smaller homes, heat and humidity can be kept at a consistent level with the use of more energy efficient furnaces.

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